Friday, January 13, 2012

Fab Uplift Detox

I am currently participating in a healthy detox which incorporates lots of superfoods.   I never thought I would do any type of cleanse as I always eat very clean.  However, I had a medical scare (it was a false alarm) and in the hysteria I signed up for this program. So far I am coffee and sugar free since monday, dairy free since tuesday, gluten free since wednesday , and soy, nightshade and peanut free today.  Amazingly I have survived.  I have been able to have good strong workouts, with only a veg smoothie in me, and I have to say I feel great!  The picture above is what I ate for lunch today.  It's zucchini avocado hummus with veggie dippers with homemade kale chips.  The best treat on this undiet are these raw superfood power balls. They taste great and will supercharge you with energy,  This cleanse removes a new food everyday for the next three days, tomorrow I lose beans and legumes. I have been worried about being lightheaded or weak, but just the opposite has been the case.  Time will tell how I perform with only fruits and vegetables on my plate for two whole days, Monday and Tuesday specifically. Wednesday we begin re-introducing the foods we've given up.

Yay for the cheese plate when I'm done.