Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cooking, eating and having fun in Belize

Ricotta Scones

scones with Pride and Prejudice

Nicoise salad

Lovely Belinda

dancing in the kitchen

preparing a Mexican feast

The real way to make enchiladas

hanging fresh herbs..... which will never dry

Dinner chez Amanda in Belize

Sickness thwarted our plans yesterday, as I nursed Amanda through a fever of 103.2. Today she was back in action and cooking up a storm, making vegetable and Hawaiian pizzas, yogurt cake and granola, as well as, pasteurizing two gallons of fresh milk. Other than a quick trip to the market we had a home day.

The rain came down so hard today that one could barely hear anything or anyone else. It rained most of the afternoon. The temperature is cool 62 degrees. I am wearing long sleeves.

Tomorrow we will venture outside and visit the health food store in Spanish lookout, the Mennonite area. I hope to get some sun as well.

Please excuse the third world tissues visible on the dining table.

Hawaiian and vegetable pizzas

The proud chef

Homemade granola

That was good, no?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Belize Pictures

On our way to brekkie now......
You can see here below pictures of our wonderful breakfast at paradise restaurant.
Berto and Galen both had the lobster omelette. Amanda and I split tropical French toast and banana pancakes. The French toast came with a beautifully arranged bowl of papaya, cantaloupe , pineapple ( my fav) and watermelon. Yum. The butter is grass fed from New Zealand and the coffee was very good. Galen had fry jacks too. They are deep fried tortillas.

Amanda and her dad are now snorkeling.

Lunch was from the budgetman. He sets up on the edge of the beach. I had coconut rice, rice and beans, veggies ( potatoes, plantain with a tiny bit of green pepper. The potatoes were extremely flavorful) and jerk conch with one slice of fried plantain. All for $7. And there was plenty to share.

Calmness is the order of the day here, as it is too awfully hot to get excited at all. I am resting and just dozing or staring off into the distance.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Caye Caulker

We arose at 5:45 this morning to get to Belize city and catch the water taxi to caye caulker. The 45 minute ride was beautiful. I have never seen water the color of the Caribbean Sea. It is truly the color called aqua that we all know.
Here is the view from our place. The view is lovely and the breezes are so cooling that one would hardly know how hot standing in the sun can be. A & G will arrive around six and we will hopefully find an affordable and tasty dinner. The prices here are sky high. Our first meal was so expensive and awful tasting. We will look into snorkeling for tomorrow. B is taking a well deserved nap as I learn how to upload pictures to this blog from his ipad. ( a steep learning curve)
Last night after the wonderful assembly program we went to B's for a true home cooked Mexican dinner of posole. The broth was fantastic and I can't wait to duplicate it at home.

We hope to relax here and enjoy the sun and water. I may even try some rum.