Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dinner chez Amanda in Belize

Sickness thwarted our plans yesterday, as I nursed Amanda through a fever of 103.2. Today she was back in action and cooking up a storm, making vegetable and Hawaiian pizzas, yogurt cake and granola, as well as, pasteurizing two gallons of fresh milk. Other than a quick trip to the market we had a home day.

The rain came down so hard today that one could barely hear anything or anyone else. It rained most of the afternoon. The temperature is cool 62 degrees. I am wearing long sleeves.

Tomorrow we will venture outside and visit the health food store in Spanish lookout, the Mennonite area. I hope to get some sun as well.

Please excuse the third world tissues visible on the dining table.

Hawaiian and vegetable pizzas

The proud chef

Homemade granola

That was good, no?

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