Monday, January 14, 2013

Belize Pictures

On our way to brekkie now......
You can see here below pictures of our wonderful breakfast at paradise restaurant.
Berto and Galen both had the lobster omelette. Amanda and I split tropical French toast and banana pancakes. The French toast came with a beautifully arranged bowl of papaya, cantaloupe , pineapple ( my fav) and watermelon. Yum. The butter is grass fed from New Zealand and the coffee was very good. Galen had fry jacks too. They are deep fried tortillas.

Amanda and her dad are now snorkeling.

Lunch was from the budgetman. He sets up on the edge of the beach. I had coconut rice, rice and beans, veggies ( potatoes, plantain with a tiny bit of green pepper. The potatoes were extremely flavorful) and jerk conch with one slice of fried plantain. All for $7. And there was plenty to share.

Calmness is the order of the day here, as it is too awfully hot to get excited at all. I am resting and just dozing or staring off into the distance.

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