Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This blog has a new home

I have moved my blog to wordpress.  Here is the new address http://naturallydeliciousnew.wordpress.com
Please follow me there.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Will This Flu Ever Go Away for Good?

Here I am with yet another relapse from the flu I caught while in Belize.  I don't know what to call this virulent bug, because people are fighting the flu all over California.  So I guess it is an international flu. I am planning on running my first 10k on May 4th. So I began my training program a couple of weeks ago.  I was loving running, but apparently my body was not ready for any extra expenditure of energy.  I don't believe that any of the natural medicinals I have been ingesting have shortened this illness.  Really, I have tried garlic, olive leaf, golden seal, pomegranate powder, MSM, chest rubs with essential oils and more.  So here I lay on the couch with an agreement to my friends and family that I won't resume my running program until I have been symptom free for 1-2 weeks. That probably will not happen.  I really will try to stay down.  But if I feel at all healed by next Thursday that is when I will be running along San Francisco Bay to The Warming Hut.

So what have I been eating?  Yesterday, right after acupuncture and before sleeping a good thirteen hours, my loving husband prepared paparadelle with butter, gouda, fresh goat cheese and horseradish cheddar. That combination must be soporific, because as soon as my empty bowl hit the coffee table I passed out for the night.

Today, the menu consists of arugula with lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil with sauteéd shitakes, lots of water and matcha lattes. ( I am so happy that I washed all my greens ahead of time when I received my Mystery Box, last thursday.  Otherwise they would be rotting in the fridge as we speak. Yay for pre-planning and pre-washing)   I am eating just enough to have food in my stomach to support the Chinese herbs which I hope will knock out this bug once and for all. Tonight I will have bone broth with brown rice, unless my appetite returns to normal.

For now, I am copying recipes from my overdue library copy of Canal House Cooks Everyday. I am loving this simple vegetable centric seasonal cookbook.  I hope to prepare many of the recipes that will today be added to my handwritten collection.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This is One Nasty Flu Bug!

Here we are in Belize before the flu kept us from leaving the house for a week.  Little did I know that I would still be carrying this virus days after returning to SF.  I have had a resurgence of the aches, cough and runny nose.  One difference is that I have a full arsenal of flu killers here at home.  Golden seal and chopped raw garlic killed off whatever amoebas had hitchhiked home in my tummy.  A friend brought me a king-size pack of oscillococcinum from France which I am ingesting every six hours along with kevita probiotic drink, chopped liver, fermented cod liver oil, vitamin C, green & white tea and gallons of water with lemon oil.  Take that you flu bug!
For lunch I prepared papperadele with cream cheese artichoke pesto and chopped liver. A side order of soup brought to me by a friend and bone broth that bubbled for six hours yesterday.  I will also have a bowl of pineapple but it will not be nearly as sweet or intense as the Belizian pineapple.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cooking, eating and having fun in Belize

Ricotta Scones

scones with Pride and Prejudice

Nicoise salad

Lovely Belinda

dancing in the kitchen

preparing a Mexican feast

The real way to make enchiladas

hanging fresh herbs..... which will never dry

Dinner chez Amanda in Belize

Sickness thwarted our plans yesterday, as I nursed Amanda through a fever of 103.2. Today she was back in action and cooking up a storm, making vegetable and Hawaiian pizzas, yogurt cake and granola, as well as, pasteurizing two gallons of fresh milk. Other than a quick trip to the market we had a home day.

The rain came down so hard today that one could barely hear anything or anyone else. It rained most of the afternoon. The temperature is cool 62 degrees. I am wearing long sleeves.

Tomorrow we will venture outside and visit the health food store in Spanish lookout, the Mennonite area. I hope to get some sun as well.

Please excuse the third world tissues visible on the dining table.

Hawaiian and vegetable pizzas

The proud chef

Homemade granola

That was good, no?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Belize Pictures

On our way to brekkie now......
You can see here below pictures of our wonderful breakfast at paradise restaurant.
Berto and Galen both had the lobster omelette. Amanda and I split tropical French toast and banana pancakes. The French toast came with a beautifully arranged bowl of papaya, cantaloupe , pineapple ( my fav) and watermelon. Yum. The butter is grass fed from New Zealand and the coffee was very good. Galen had fry jacks too. They are deep fried tortillas.

Amanda and her dad are now snorkeling.

Lunch was from the budgetman. He sets up on the edge of the beach. I had coconut rice, rice and beans, veggies ( potatoes, plantain with a tiny bit of green pepper. The potatoes were extremely flavorful) and jerk conch with one slice of fried plantain. All for $7. And there was plenty to share.

Calmness is the order of the day here, as it is too awfully hot to get excited at all. I am resting and just dozing or staring off into the distance.