Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot & Humid.....I mean my trip to Belize

We touched down in Belize City Tuesday Jan 8 at noon after a very sleepless flight.  Getting through customs  with our six suitcases proved to be uneventful and I caught sight of my special girl as I exited the terminal.  The weather was not too hot or steamy  when we first arrived, thankfully.  It has not remained so. Tuesday afternoon/ evening we unpacked all the goodies I brought to make A's life a bit more pleasant and familiar.  Maple syrup brought a shout of glee, as did the light fixtures from IKEA.
Wednesday was an at home day, puttering and organizing.
Thursday we went to the Belize zoo. A beautiful jungle style zoo with natural looking habitat areas as opposed to cages.  We saw toucans and several different jaguars some of which I was able to shoot short videos of, which I will post when I am able.  I enjoyed the zoo and the weather was not too  uncomfortable, although I did borrow the chinese fan A keeps in her purse.
We gave an English couple a ride back to San Ignacio from the zoo.  Picked G up and headed off to the mayan ruins.  An Italian couple prepared a multi course Italian meal for us. Their home felt as if we had  stepped out of belize into Italy.  The food was tasty, varied and oh so comforting. The olive oil was from their family's olive grove. the limoncello  homemade and the espresso was from their Italian machine. Bellisimo!

Today (friday) was HOT HOT HOT.  Berto and I walked to the center of town, bought some apple bananas and star fruit and went back to hide in the coolness of A's house.  As showers can be the high point of the day here, several times a day in fact, I showered and took a nap. We ate El Salvadorian food for dinner.  Early to bed as we leave before 7am for the assembly tomorrow.

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