Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to Chico from SF

I have much to report on from my culinary journeys this past two weeks. Restaurant choices included Yuzu, Slanted Door, Pacific Catch, Tartine, Bi-Rite Ice Cream, Isa, Betel Nut, Dragon Well, Petit Robert.

I replenished my supply of Supreme Jasmin Pearls from Aroma Tea Shop on 6th & Clement after I spent an hour or more in Green Apple books. I found two books on Chinese Brush painting to inspire my artistic endeavors. I can't wait to start painting. Of course I found my supplies at Ichiban Kan in Japantown. I got brushes, ink stone and ink bar along with calligraphy paper.

I was privileged to see two performances of the Sf Ballet. I have no words that can describe the intensity of the experience. I will say that orchestra seats ARE worth the price. Treat yourself and try it one time, you'll be hooked. My favorite piece was the pas de deux from After the Rain. The music was as moving as the choreography.

Our weather was typical SF, windy, clear and beautiful. We walked until our legs ached at night. On our last day I saw the fog over the bay from high atop Filmore street and didn't want to go home.

Our best meal was at Yuzu. The star of the show were the tempura lobster tails. Oh my! What an experience. There little explosions of flavor with each bite, succulent and with a seafood flavor only lobster can deliver. The fusion roll is a personal favorite and the sashimi was very flavorful and fresh. I'm pleased to say they are now offering an oolong tea in addition to the genmaicha. Dessert followed at Tartine in the Mission. I shared the last piece of lemon meringue cake three ways, I wanted more. I went back the day we left and got a piece to eat on the way home.

I'm adjusting back to a slower pace here in Chico, and I plan to eat mostly fruits and vegetables for a few days. Included in my cleansing diet will be the three pomelos that I carried around the Farmer's market and back to the Marina, along with the dinosaur kale and dandelion greens I found at Marin Sun Farms booth. I will probably candy the pomelo peels too. I found a recipe at Figs with Bri to try.

I'm enjoying the wisteria show here and dreaming of what this springtime will show me. When seasonal activities permit, I will continue to post reviews of my eating choices on this trip.


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