Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Small Farms CSA forces me to blog

Let me tell you why I love my Two Small Farms CSA share. I am supplied weekly with fresh, high quality organic vegetables and I never have to decide what to buy. You have probably heard all this before but I must join my voice to the many who never want to go back to picking out their own produce. Since the beginning of this season I have eaten more green things and tried vegetables I had never heard of such as agretti. I have had to get back into the habit of cooking creatively. I live under the pressure of the next weeks box coming to fill my already bursting refrigerator. This might sound like a bad thing, but I am so happy. Thank you Two Small Farms.
I will attempt to post my culinary adventures with my CSA share here as often as possible.
Tonight I made chard raviolis (from Rainbow, it's coupon month) with homemade pesto. I used the basil from my share and combined it with garlic, salt, pistachios, Parmesan, pumkin seeds, olive oil and a bit of walnut oil. I incorporated the dark green pumpkin seeds close to the end of the pounding of my mortar, so many were whole or just broken. This looked loved and added a nice crunch. I served this with roasted orange cauliflower from last weeks box and balsamic roasted onions.

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