Monday, May 12, 2008

Heidi's Grain'ola

I began last Saturday in my favorite way. After my morning coffee I headed off to the Chico Farmer's Market. I stopped by a plant stall where I picked up basil, melon and three varieties of hot peppers. I purchased 3 bunches of beets which I will roast and combine with walnut oil and feta cheese. The beet greens will go into my morning smoothies along with a banana, frozen acai puree, 1/4 cup oats, 1 cup of keifer and 1& 1/2 cups of water. I bought a dozen fresh eggs, a 10 lb bag of navel oranges (the last of the season), cabbage, chard. I was glad to see butter lettuce back from it's winter hiatus. Farmer's market butter lettuce is the type that's too delicate to ship. Its creaminess is complemented by a tangy blue cheese dressing and offset by sweet pear slices and candied walnuts or pecans.
When I got home I made a variation of Heidi Swanson's Grain-ola from her Super Natural Cooking. I love this recipe because it's fast to put together and has very little fat. This orange flavored granola is refreshing and satisfying. I added sesame seeds, pepitas and ground flax. For dried fruit I chose marionberries, papaya and goji berries, which I mixed in after baking the granola.
After ballet class I picked up my soil amendments and a few more vegetable starts. I'm picturing a row of shiny purple Japanese eggplants in among my sage and white alyssum. The melons will cascade down the hill, beside the stone steps leading to our lake. Garden dreams are beautiful.

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Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hi Renee,
Thanks for delurking! I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

I love granola. All that natural goodness. I think it's great with some soy milk in the morning.