Friday, January 7, 2011

Cauliflower Leaves.....who knew

Tonight, for the first time I prepared and ate sauteed cauliflower leaves with pancetta and garlic. I received two lovely heads of green cauliflower in my CSA box. I turned the cauliflower into Dorrie's cauliflower gratin and I just couldn't bear to toss the huge, undamaged leaves that had nestled the heads of cauliflower. I  sliced them with stems included and sauteed with garlic and pancetta, adding a bit of chicken broth to tenderize.  The leaves were tasty, even though the central ribs were a bit fibrous. I will definitely serve these again.  I presented them alongside the gratin and Dorrie's Socca to which I added sage instead of rosemary.  Next time I prepare the socca (which was a hit when I prepared it last night with rosemary) I will add green onion tops or garlic chives.A simple mix of grabanzo bean flour, olive oil and water turn into a flavorful, crispy treat.
Socca & Greens

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Anonymous said...

I tried your cauliflower leaves recipe tonight and it turned out great! I did a slight variation in that I cooked it with purple scallions, garlic and a bit of red bell pepper. I think it would do better with out the bell pepper. I also cut out the center stems. It was tender and very delicious. Thanks for the new discovery! gn