Friday, July 6, 2012


Lille is a lovely rainy French city. Our sister Clemence met us as we descended the train. Her husband Thomas drove the car that took us to their modern apartment in an eight story building covered with enlarged photos of flowers. For lunch placed a raclette maker on the table, heated it. We were each served boiled baked potatoes. The raclette maker has trays into which we put slices of cheese ( choice of plain raclette, mustard or black pepper) the cheese melts into liquid which we pour over the waiting potatoes. Wow! It was amazing. Cornichons are served alongside. Clemence's mother brought individual trifles made with a gateau sable Breton on the bottom and raspberries a top. I love trifle as some of you know. After this tasty meal we headed to centre ville ( downtown) on foot. We were privileged to have the sun shine on our walk. There is a saying in this part of France: northern French people have the sun inside their heart but it never shines outside. It sounds a lot better in French. We found this to be true when rain descended upon us as a cow pees (also a French saying) we got soaked as we entered and exited stores and metro stations. We visited hermitage gantois which was a convent and is now a beautiful hotel. We returned to the apartment for gouter ( afternoon snack) can you see why I love France? We're served cheese, macaroni, bread, saucisson made with cheese or hazelnuts, French spice cake and green tea. After gouter we left for the meeting, returning at 10:30 ( 22h30) at which point the sun had not yet set. The table was then set for dinner. Thomas made a mushroom omelet, accompanied by cheese bread, salad and flan chocolate moose. More later about French traffic jams or better known as bouchons, fleury micron ham and les grottoes de NAot's and the perfect meal prepared for us Friday by clemence's mother. Gotta go pack now for London


Steph said...

So happy that you're blogging! But you're making me hungry and yearning for Europe!

Brett Torrey said...

Me too! This trip sounds amazing!