Saturday, July 7, 2012


This will be a short post as I am tired and the time is late. Or should I say early in the am. We are being hosted by a smashing British family. We were met at our arrival by being offered a tray prepared with English tea and homemade laduree macarons. We sat in a lovely, sunny English garden next to a koi pond with a waterfall. Does it get any better? Our host drove us around kent, which is known as the garden spot of England. We saw fields of red poppies, old churches and ate fish and chips at a pub dating from the sixteenth century. Did queen Elizabeth I eat there? We started our day today at the British museum for a Bible tour on the subject of Abraham and Sarah and their obedience. We took the tube to ottolenghi. A fabulous restaurant. We shopped a little. Found two brilliant dresses. Sampled aromatherapy oils at Neal's yard. Went to harrod's where we pushed our way through the horrendous crowds to find the tea shop. We refreshed ourselves with a cup of jasmin pearl tea, served from a china teapot, into china cups. We went to see the tower of London, tower bridge, Westminster abbey and parliament We took the train back to Kent where we ate the best Indian food I have ever tasted. London is a very big city with a lot to offer. It makes San Francisco seem very small. My new favorite drink is elderflower tea or soda. I love it's refreshing taste. Our friends knocked themselves out for us. Good night.

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Brett Torrey said...

So jealous! Sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing your travels. Spring & I are planning to follow your lead soon.