Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold Comforting Broccoli Salad

Here is my favorite flower presentation from last week's Bouquets to Art at the DeYoung art museum. This kimono was created entirely from plant material.  The arrangement transported me to a place deep within a dark forest. I could well have slipped of the shoes the artist created and placed to the left of the kimono, just above the calming pond. I want to gaze into that pond alone in quietude of the forest. There I would find the peace that has been so elusive to me of late.  Here are a few more pictures from the exhibit.

I must confess that I included these flower pictures to distract from the awful pictures I shot of my broccoli salad. I was so hungry and wet and cold when I made the salad and I was so pleased with the way the flavors came together that I rushed the photography.  I did not check the photos until the salad had been eaten.  The salad was delicious.  I now feel comforted despite the wind and the rain which refuse to go away.
I used cold broccoli left from yesterday's lunch mixed with protein contributing seeds, (I have been tracking my calories and it turns out I get only 18% protein at best.  I have been told this is not enough) I mixed olive oil mayo thinned with greek yogurt, miso and naturally fermented soy sauce for flavor and beneficial bacteria.  I added meyer lemon juice for kick. I ate my salad along with a warm cup of jasmine green tea. The following recipe will revive one tired, damp soul satisfyingly.

Broccoli Salad
1 cup cooked broccoli, chopped into 1 inch pieces
1 generous teaspoon raw sunflower seeds
1 generous teaspoon sesame seeds

2 teaspoons olive oil mayo
2 teaspoons nonfat greek yogurt
1 teaspoon white miso
1 teaspoon tahini
juice of half a meyer lemon
1 tablespoon soy sauce

Whisk dressing ingredients together in serving bowl.
Add broccoli and seeds.

Sit down, eat and enjoy the warmth inside.

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Samuel and Anitra said...

I'm definitely making this broccoli salad! I've been looking for more interesting ways to fit it into my diet. Love the beautiful kimono made of plants. And I'm not surprised at all that it's your favorite either. :)