Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally! Fluffy Wholegrain Scones

I have been participating in Heidi Swanson's cookbook library network. It is a place to learn and comment about cookbooks and their particular recipes. This month's cookbook is Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: the Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery. This lovely green colored tome has enabled me to create the first batch of scones that were not stand-ins for hockey pucks. The recipe is called Cheddar Cornmeal Scones.  I'm not sure what made the difference.  Could it be the addition of eggs? I know the important thing with scones is to knead or handle the dough as little as possible.  Maybe the moistness of the eggs allowed me to form the dough with less handling than usual. I'm not sure of the science. But I am sure of the result. If anyone is sticking to whole grains, as I am and wants a true soft, flaky, savory scone, this is your recipe.  I don't have permission to post the recipe, but get your hands on this book, and bake these scones.

I had the privilege of attending the DeYoung Museum's Bouquets to Art member night last night.  It was very crowded but I snapped a few  photos of the beautiful flowers.  I will return tomorrow during the day.  My favorite arrangement was of a kimono made of flowers, ferns and moss. It was beautiful , serene and quite creative. There were too many people to get a picture but I will try to post one after my next visit.

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